Welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Rita Styxx.

Here’s a little about myself. I’m a 30 something person who is asexual and agender. I like to read though I don’t have the time to do this as much as I would like due to my day job. I’ve been married since 2000 and I have a child and a dog whose names I occasionally mix up. I’ve lived in both the US and Canada practically from the north end to the south end. Currently, I’m closer to the south end because I got tired of all the snow.

I’ve been writing short stories and poetry on and off since approximately 1987 when my teacher at the time was teaching us about adjectives. It’s a habit I’m trying to improve.

You can find me elsewhere online at Twitter – @ritastyxx, on Facebook under Rita Styxx (Rita Coulson thanks to Facebook not recognizing my pen name as a real name so I chose Coulson because I like the character from Avengers) or by emailing me at ritastyxx@gmail.com