My To Be Read Pile

It’s a never ending story. Well, more a collection of stories. And novels. And biographies.

I’m never without a “To Be Read” pile of books, both physical and digital in form. A lot of them are by people I know from various online circles. A couple of them I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting in person.

Certain authors are on my automatic “if they write it, I will buy it” list. Derek Des Anges (in all his pseudonyms), Megan Fennell (both as a single author and as half of the writing team V.F. LeSann), and Christin Haws top that list. I owe them all multiple book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I’m horrible about not leaving public feedback. I’m trying to do better though.

If I was independently wealthy, I could buy multiple copies of all their books and gift them to various libraries. A person can have goals.

I don’t have as much time to read as I would like. My current job is in the hospitality industry and it’s 12 hours a day every day. Except Christmas. We do close that day. And 5 hours early for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just read 10 minutes at a time while the tv is playing Bubble Guppies and my 5 year old is playing Bad Piggies on his kids tablet. But I need to be able to sit without distractions and interruptions to really enjoy a story of any length. By the time everyone else in the household is asleep, the dog is taken out for his last walk of the night and all the work is prepped for the next morning, it’s too late for me to be able to spend an hour or four buried mentally in a book about giant scorpions or murder mysteries or retold fairy tales.

Which is why I do enjoy Christin’s Patreon where she posts a section of a project about once a month. I can keep up with that and I can read it on my phone if necessary. Derek’s books come out less frequently but I tend to buy the physical copies so I can write in the margins and mark my favorite lines. Those I tend to read during the slower times of the year when the phone isn’t constantly ringing or when we can get away for a day or two.

So if you need some reading ideas, I’ve included links to all of the above authors blogs/websites plus a couple extra of my favorites.

Christin Haws

Derek Des Anges

Megan Fennell/V.F. LeSann


Cal Spivey
The Trident Chronicles

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