Your insurance isn’t accepted here, that’ll cost you one arm and one leg… plus interest

$85 for a 10 minute visit to the doctor. When you grow up in a country with socialized healthcare, this is an outrageous idea. The idea that a doctor visit isn’t covered by your particular insurance is unbelievable. The idea that you can’t change your healthcare options until after the year is over is unheard of.

For those of us who grew up in the US, an $85 or higher doctor bill isn’t unusual. There is a reason why places like Planned Parenthood and walk in clinics exist for low income people or people without health insurance. I’ve got friends who work minimum wage jobs and there are times that they’ve had to choose between buying food or toilet paper with no thought of luxuries like prescription medication or doctor visits.

I’m lucky in that no one in my family has major health issues. But I do miss that part of living in Canada. I don’t miss having to sign up for a different health insurance plan every year because “this plan is no longer offered” or “this plan doesn’t have any local doctors and sucks”.

People down here that are fighting against the idea of having socialized medicine don’t get it. When your medical costs are part of your taxes, yeah you’re paying for everyone. But everyone is paying for you at the same time. Not everything will be “free” but you won’t be worrying about feeding your kids if you have to take them to the doctor. Having a baby won’t put you in bankruptcy. If you have to spend a week in the hospital with kidney stones, you won’t have to sell your house.

Down here, the insurance industry can literally kill people with the price tags attached. The ACA (Obamacare) was a step in the right direction in my opinion. Millions of people who previously didn’t have insurance were finally able to afford it. Not everyone was able to shell out the cash for insurance but there were a hell of a lot fewer uninsured people the last few years. Now that the Republicans in Washington want to repeal it and make their own version, I’m worried. Not necessarily for my family, but for the millions of people who can’t afford hundreds of dollars a month for health insurance. I know people who don’t make hundreds of dollars per month, let alone thousands. And when push comes to shove, food and shelter will take precedence over insurance. Mental health will come in behind physical health. People will die. If former president Joe Biden had to plan on selling his house to pay for his son’s cancer treatments with the ACA, how is the average person supposed to survive on less?

Get your shit together Washington or you’ll have blood on your hands.

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