The start of a new project

The words aren’t doing anyone any good by sitting in my brain. And shouting them at the computer isn’t quite working either. Quite often I find myself saying, “Hey, I should tell someone about this book/product/person I came across” but rarely have I done more than mention them in passing. So this will be part of a self-motivation project to get my thoughts out of my head and in to your head.

I don’t have room for them right now because it’s trying to be spring here and that means things are sprouting and starting to bloom and my sinus cavity is full of grossness and I’m sneezing all over everything. I like flowers in March. I have seen robins and blue birds already and it’s a slower time of year at work.

Work related – we’re theoretically going to be combining our 2 offices that run 4 cabin rental businesses and a real estate business into 1 office for everything in the near future. We have the new building and the housekeeping/laundry area is set up and in use but the offices and front desk/check in area is still under construction. It’ll get there eventually and when it does, supposedly we’ll be working in shifts and I will have days off like a “normal person” whatever that is.

On a personal note – I’ve got a year long writing project I have signed up for again this year called Get Your Words Out so hopefully this blog will be an additional motivator for my word goal for that as well. There is a story project I’ve been mulling over with a friend for a number of years that I really want to put in motion this year. Again, we will have to see how that turns out as well.

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